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1/26/2006 10:07 pm

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I was with a lady recently who had almost flat boobs. Personally, I think tiny breasts are sexy but when she undressed she seemed ashamed and practically apologized for her size. I thought about the line “It’s not size that counts but how you use it” but then that’s a male anatomy thing. We had some discussion about big boobs versus little boobs and I think she felt I was being tolerant insisting that all men like large breasts. So I thought I’d go straight to the experts, my friends at AdultFriendFinder. So here it is.

How important is the size of a woman’s breasts? Do small or large boobs look better in a strapless dress? A low cut dress? How about size and health? What makes large boobs sexy? What makes small boobs sexy? How important is cleavage? Can implants be detected by looking, by feel or not at all? Does nipple size or color make a difference? Let’s not forget about size and sex. Is size important for good sex? What size is the best turn on for sex? What sizw would be a turn off for sex? Would you choose/turn down a woman for sex based on her breast size? Would you choose/turn down a life mate based on her breast size? Any opinions?

peggy4U1958 68F

1/31/2006 4:15 pm

I'm small and I love mine...they will never sag, they are very sensitive, and I look good in my clothes, I would like to be a little bigger for certain style clothes , but would not want to be big!

charlieff 76M
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1/31/2006 11:41 pm

Small and sensitive is sexy and sensual. Never saw an outfit where that combination wasn't tantalizing!

peggy4U1958 68F

2/1/2006 11:09 pm

Thanks charlieff! I feel even better! xxoo

LadytoPleaseYou 64F
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2/16/2006 8:45 pm

When I was young and in my prime,
My breasts looked perky all the time.
A halter top or strapless dress
Didn't matter to me they were the best.

Now the years have gone by fast
I should have known it wouldn't last
One day I looked in the mirror and there was no doubt
The starch that once held them up had done worn out.

They used to tell me this day would come
I didn't want to believe them none
Now I know they spoke the truth one and all
The bigger they are the farther they fall.

Sorry I didn't mean to take command of your blog like this. It just sorta spilled all.

I think the matter of the size of the breasts is one of personal preference. So is nipple size and color. In fact most of your questions, I feel are a matter of personal preference. However...about implants.... I can tell when the womans has implants like 85 to 90% of the time, but I used to be a mammographer. I think you could tell a difference in the feel of them most of the time. Sometimes they have a calicum buildup around them and you can definitely tell because they are like concrete. In older woman who have had their implants for a while, you could tell by the skin around them including the nipple will start to sag. You can put them back where they were, but you can't make them stay because time and gravity still does it's work.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

charlieff 76M
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2/18/2006 2:26 am

Thanks Lady. Don’t apologize; I appreciate someone taking the time to comment. I just started blogging so I’m still trying to get comfortable with handling replies and tracking my comments.

I agree with your “personal preference” position. Maybe it’s lack of experience but I’ve never understood the obsession with large breasts. Just after writing this blog I ran into two other blogs about breast size. justforfun3X3 is so obsessed with large breasts he named his blog justforfun3X3.

I’d like to mention that I’m originally from Cincinnati. Have a brother who still lives there. Thanks again for your comments.

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