searching for the right woman  

charlie196982 47M
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5/6/2006 7:05 am
searching for the right woman

if found myself here posting looking for a woman,after a 9 year on and off again relationship,now i have 2 sons , one lives with me the other lives here when schools in, then goes to his mothers ,.now i,ve done the introductions, tryed to be honest, answered a few emails,from ladies looking for d/d free person,and they where looking for a possible ltr , .ok,now these where the same things i was looking for .you know a commitment some one not going to be out fucking someone else while you not home ,.after talking to some of the ladies for a while, you find out about skelitons inthe closet, everyone has them , no big deal.i soon found out they where looking for something from there past , a clone if for no other discriptive of someone they once loved and gave there all to keep on going ,to only have that person they loved shatter them.i found that they would rather have a one night stand,or an fling then start a relationship,or a friendship,.most of them have someone in their beds ,but are still alone at night

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