Wandering away from the flock . . .  

charleslamb4077 37M
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11/7/2005 12:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wandering away from the flock . . .

I do not know where to begin starting a post leaves me feeling lost and alone.

Jes I hope you read this at least the intention of the blog’s creation is served.

When I set out to create my blog I had an initial post in mind but now it gone. That is what I get for not writing it down. Does this ever happen to you? Or is it me?

Efilnikufecin69 47M

11/10/2005 7:07 am

Oh yeah, that happens all the time to me. I have learned to write my thoughts down in word now before they are gone, but I often still have days of total brain constipation so fear not!

As for Jes, try not to concentrate to much energy on one particular person, and please do not try to "see" something in the comments left that may not be there! Many make these mistakes as I have found out with saintlianna . There are many that were watching, and posting, and thinking she was interested just because she left a flirtatious remark. More often than not, it stays that, a flirt. If you manage to hook an IM address then you can be sure that enough interest is there to follow up on it!

I wish you much luck and success in your search! Just stay a Gentleman and treat the women as ladies and you will see, a whole world will open up for you!

Efilnikufecin69 and saintlianna

charleslamb4077 37M
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11/10/2005 9:10 am

Efil, glad to hear that I'm not alone. I have been beginning to get the feeling that my short term memory is turning into bantha fodder.

ps. about Jes,I really enjoy the lighthearted banter that she can bring into a conversation. However of the statement was really intended to point out that I had fround my nerve, but I didn't express that very well express the very well.

Thanks again for your support.

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