TW I own you now  

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12/2/2005 12:05 am

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TW I own you now

Monday I went to town on some errands(issues with my cell phone but that gripe is for another time.) My mother, who car pools to work with my father, needed a ride home because my father was going to be working very late. This was no problem since I was in town anyway.

I picked her up at my father's office. and took her home. She got out of the truck and starts to holler, "Murr, This is not good!" I look over and she is pouring out the last third of a Bud Light. "Ouch that could be hard on a tire." I replied. She says sternly "That's not what I meant. You don't need to be drinking that stuff." I tried to tell her I did not drink Bud Light but she insisted that she found a bottle lid for Bud Light in the house the night before.

I tried to tell her that I couldn't drink beer and that trying to makes me sick. I also pointed out that if I were tempted to do such a thing and for some reason didn't want her to know that I would not be so stupid as to leave bottle lids in her house and bottles in her front yard. *Note that didn't seem to go over so well.

I happen to have a very good idea were the beer remains came from, although I told her I thought it was probably the neighbors. You see my brother and his cronies have had a fondness for beer for some time now. And I know he was in the house while we were out during the thanksgiving holiday. He is only twenty so mom wouldn't be very happy about that. So TW and I will have some words next we meet.
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charleslamb4077 37M
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12/2/2005 8:59 am

wetty your the best. But then I aways fall for the girls who show off their bum.[post 158704]

rm_saintlianna 45F
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12/3/2005 2:54 pm

paybacks a bitch and so is a bottle cap up the ass. Dont forget to make fun of him for drinking Lite beer.

charleslamb4077 37M
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12/4/2005 10:53 pm

Thanks Saint I'll do that.

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