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5/22/2005 12:30 am

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A few years ago I became a hypnotist. I have helped folks with weight loss and smoking cessation, that type of thing.

Since then I have signed up at various chat rooms to find out more about hypnosis. Well I think that this is probably just role playing, however, there is this hypnofetish thing I keep hearing about. Sounds kind of harmless.

Here is my question. One guy asked the group about BSDM's who do hypnosis. here is the answer he was given.

"You could get in touch with the BDSM people in your area and tell them your interested in becoming a 'switch'. Those at your local 'munch'
should be able to help."

So what hel hell is a switch what the hell is a munch and I shouldn't even ask about the BSDM community that is way out of my lifestyle. Nothing wrong with it. I just don't think I would fit.

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5/23/2005 12:07 am

A "switch" is someone who goes back and forth between the role of Dominant and submissive.

A "munch" is a gathering at an eatery/bar (usually the latter) of some sort organized by members of PEP (and quite likely any number of other similar groups in the BDSM community-- if I recall correctly, PEP stands for "People Exchanging Power" and/or "People Empowering People", depending on who you ask) for people with mutual interest in they lifestyle to be able to gather and interact in a public environment. Meetings like this facilitate networking and finding others who share compatible interests, as well as serve as a safe environment to do so.

It sounds like whoever replied was likely a member of one of said communities, and was encouraging them to interact with the local scene to learn more. Sending them there would allow them to potentially meet a variety of people, not isolate anyone into a one-on-one scenario with someone they hadn't met before. Like I said, it promotes safety/security for those involved.

Hopefully this information has been of some help to answer your questions.

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