So here I am again...  

charhar4real 43F
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7/28/2006 7:40 am

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7/29/2006 5:15 pm

So here I am again...

I just wanted to say that I took some time last night to read some blogs and check out the site in depth. I was surprised to find that there are some pretty cool people on here. I an anxiously awaiting the right person to hook up with. I am looking to find an experienced female or couple to break me in properly. I have been with a woman only once and it was actually her and her hubby. It didnt go so well. She had never been with a woman and it was there first threesome. So needless to say it was akward for all of us. I dont know why I told that story , but oh well. Thanks to all of you who read and sent a post. Anyone have any suggestions on how to let loose and enjoy the girl2girl experience please feel free to say whats on your mind.


rm_PeanutJackie 35F
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7/28/2006 9:00 am

Best of luck to you As someone who has been here for 3 years, I have found MANY wonderful people.

As far as some suggestions, what about just relaxing with a glass of wine? You could always meet in a public place first and try to relax that way too

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