Weird (and sexy) dream...  

chargefordom 33F
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5/31/2006 2:30 pm
Weird (and sexy) dream...

The other night I had a dream that is kinda odd, kinda sexy, and brought up a lot of questions.

So I am on vacation on an island off the south of France. The island is big, but only big enough to contain a resort. The only way to get to the island is by boat. I am there with my family and a couple of friends having a great time. In my dream I meet this really cute young woman and I become friends with her immediately. Her boyfriend ends up doing something to hurt her, and during the second part of the dream, I walk behind her, hugging her from behind. While we are out shopping one day, she turns to me and asks if all this is only to get into her pants. I turn red and don't deny anything.

It's a little fuzzy after that, but I think she got all pissed and took off, and then I saw her dating another guy a little bit later.

So I bounced this dream off of a couple of people at work, and they seemed to think it was all so obvious, that I'm attracted to women. But I have more questions...why did I dream about this now? And why am I starting to dream about women now when I've dreamed of men before...

Any comments and thoughts would be appreciated.

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