Sex and Dancing  

chaoticbliss 44M
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5/31/2005 1:58 am

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Sex and Dancing

Okay I have to talk about this. I hear women everyday tell me the way a man dance shows if they are good in bed, while i always thought great Because I am an awesome dancer. But I will go to the club and see a guy dressed to impressed looking sauve goes up ask a woman to dance and when getting on the dance floor he dances like a chicken. No rythm Looks like he is having a seizure.
ADVICE to the fellas: If you got the looks and body use your strengths If you have no rythm either A. do not ask the woman to dance or B if she insit rock back ad forth better then looking like a chicken.
Met a girl once very hot woman I mean wow beautiful. She was getting hit on left and right. She danced with a few people and she could move. Yes I watched. Then he walked in. This guy was a 90201 kind of guy, Sorry wrong era, He was a OC kind of guy. Women checking him out. He sees the hot woman and walks right up to her and starts talking, Now I talked to her earlier that night even danced with her we had a great time she even came back and grabed me to dance stating I was the best dancer there, and she loves the way I moved. Well I was not looking to hook up just hang out that night. So finally she asked mister pretty biy, Who actaully was a real cool guy to dance. They went out on the dance floor and man pure comedy. It was like all his bones was fused together. When he tried to grind her it was all one motion every part of his body moved at once. He had no rythm just funny. So Later that night they have been talking and talking and he asked her to dance again and she said no, but then came grabed me and asked me to dance. We danced so Being a guy I guess ego kicked in and I moved and grooved her so hard Well this is not an X Rated Blog but lets just say she had to go to the bathrroom when we were done. She then came to tell me bye and If it wasn't for mister pretty boy we would have hooked up. I told her go get your groove on have fun And All I ever want is a dance partner. So she left wth him. The next weekend She showed up and told me She made the biggest mistake she ever made. That the guy although hot had sex like he danced and it was the most boring 15 minutes of her life. I laughed and we talked She asked me if I had sex like I dance I told her I did not know I never judge myself like that so she asked me to leave with her and I said No. Although about 4 weeks later we finally hooked up and she informed me I did have sex llike I dance. And for now on No matter how hot a guy is if he can not dance she is not interested.
I know alot of guys are going to say "I am great in bed and I can not dance" well you should not be the judge the woman should. So Does dancing and sex go hand in hand. Or is it more about looks I wonder. now that I am single I get to go out and dance I love to dance only to get rid of stress not to hook up. I like going out and dacning by myself sometimes.

GoddessOfTheDusk 39F
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5/31/2005 6:51 am

Here we have a saying: "Dancing is the vertical expression of an horizontal desire"...
I truly believe that saying... and I'm one of those ladies who believe that the way a person (man or woman) dances shows the way they are in bed...
If you are as good dancer as u say, I must say that the ladies in sacramento are really lucky...

daighi 49M
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5/31/2005 7:32 am

I'm afraid to say that it IS true though.It's more than likely that if you have rythmn on the dancefloor,then you are more likely to have good rythmn in the bed.

It's all about the rythmn,& it's the way that women think.
Unfortunately as it is!

that's NOT to say that all men that can't dance are crap in bed,but it's how it is percieved by the ladies.


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_fullpwr5516 41M/38F

11/18/2005 10:28 am

i have always said this and alot of ppl dont agree, so im glad i have found someone who does. thanks lol.

BJRex2 55M/50F

1/4/2006 9:28 am

I know this is a late post, but I found the blog interesting.

Let me say that many dance as though they're having sex on the dance floor, and my wife and I both find that fun. But we can find virgins, and extremely poor sex partners, that can dance up a storm. I think if there is a connection, it is simply a chance occurrence. I have had women that dance great, but turn out to be a bump on the log. And my wife has had men that dance great, but do not know how to work the motion in the bed. And vice versa as well.

But I don't think we would say the great dancing virgin would be as near as good in bed as the experienced sex partner, would we? Of course there are exceptions, but this connection between poor dancer equates to poor in bed, and great dancer equates to great in bed appears to arbitrary.

I believe most assume there is a connection between the way someone dances and how they are in bed, I myself don't think there is a real connection.

Here is an odd thing. I will say for myself, I really don't dance well until I have a drink in me (at least that is what my better half says). And sometimes, as the night progresses, along with my drinking, my dancing progresses, up to a certain point of course.

Now with sex I find it just the opposite. Sober is best for me. I prefer knowing exactly what I am doing. The more I drink the sloppier I believe I get. Yes there are times that I last longer with alcohol, but at the sacrifice of finesse. And there are also times where no action is going on downstairs when I drink too much. So, if I use the same flawed reasoning as found above, then I would have to say since I get better as a dancer when I drink, then I should get better in bed as I drink. Analogically speaking of course. Food for thought.

~ Bill

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