Obsessive men in clubs, Is that my destiny  

chaoticbliss 44M
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6/1/2005 1:43 am

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Obsessive men in clubs, Is that my destiny

Went out last night, (YIPPIE)! first time in a very, long time it felt. Well I had a great time watching people I am such a people watcher. And notice A single girl sitting there and then a guy ask her to dance she say yes, they dance, she sits back down, and he hovers over her for the rest of the night, and she does not look happy about it. Muuchlater i decide to leave a giel approach me to dance, well from the time i walked in there was a tall brothr always by her side so I asked her if it was alright with her man, she looked at me and said "he is not my man i met him when iI walked in and he has not left my side since." so we danced and i noticed he was at the edge of the dance floor waiting and watching. Now i am only 5 feet 9 inches and this guy is bog and 6 foot 6 inches so natural i am thinking great this is going to be not fun. afterwards we walk off she is talking to me and hety there he goes asking her if she is having fun she smiled looked at me and said yes I was a great dancing partner. Funny thing as we taled the guy was nice smiling and not rude but still right there so I thanked her for the dance and left. That was going on all night in the club and I noticed alot of the women was looking un easy.
Is that my destiny to one day meet a girl and latch onto her not letting no other guy talk or dance with her NAH! not my style I doubt it I believe in giving a woman i meet in a club her space, after we dance thank her and let her know i would love to talk and dance later staying about 5 minutes and informing her t please come around and say hi if she wants to dance. If she reappraoch me great if not then it was not meant to be. Now if I walk past and she smiles and wave then I wil reapproach her.
So fellas give these women some space they are out to have a good time relax and let looselet them decide on their own who they want do not push it on them

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/2/2005 2:11 am

You are so right... sometimes it is welcomed (the attention), but sometimes, it is fun to go into a club having a good time. When a guy hovers and latches on to you, you suddenly feel that the only way to get out of this situation is to give him sex.... yet, if you don't desire him, this is not a practical solution. If one allows him to hover then they feel that you owe it to them and then you are a b***h if you don't.

Sex shouldn't be an obligated thing....it should be desired between two people. Which is probably why I don't go into clubs any more... I don't want to feel obligated....I just wanna have a good time.

longlicksucksess 42M
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12/2/2005 3:32 am

I have worked in clubs most of my life, met my xwife in one. The sexiest thing on the planet is a confident woman solo in a club.
My xgirlfrined used to sit at the bar and open her legs so I could see up her skirt. Drove me wild, on one such evening we brought home a couple for my first time. I found out later it was not her first. It will not be my last I love the premis for your group.

wilsonced3 63M/54F

12/7/2005 9:21 am

I agree with all the above! Another related situation happened as Espie and I went to a club. We were very open and she had sex with about 3-4 guys in one area. She dressed and we took a break for awhile. There was one guy who didn't get in on the first group, who kept us in his sites all evening (and creeped her out!). The other who kept an eye on her all evening was one who was in on the first group (the only one who had fucked her whereas she had sucked everyone else). He followed us for quite some time, then when I went to the bathroom, he came up to her and said he was "available for you anytime, I can do it again tonight for you too, because I could tell you really enjoyed it. I am really good and women like the way I fuck them." Needless to say, she told him she wasn't interested. When I came out, the guy came up to me (she was in the bathroom), and told me, "I know she really enjoyed my dick. I think she's shy, so tell her I can fuck her again when she's ready." I explained to him that if SHE was interested SHE would let him know. He still persisted several more times that evening, to the point where when we got involved with others, he would come in and try to join and she'd break off the fun to get away from him.
Bottom line, a single guy at a club who is confident, but considerate of the ladies and not making a nuisance of himself is much more likely to enjoy long-term fun and return privileges.

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