Dating and Fishing 10 steps  

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5/30/2005 7:05 pm

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Dating and Fishing 10 steps

I know many have stated this so lets break it down shall we 10 steps fishing and dating.

a. Dating: You walk in the club
b. Fishing: You cast out your reel
a. Dating: You sit around observing people with your eyes while having a beer
b. Fishing: You sit in your boat or on a rock holding your pole while having a beer.
a. Dating:You notice a girl who have been checking you out
b Fishing: In the water a fish notice your worm trying to see if it wants it.
a. Dating: You and her lock eyes and she smiles and you move toward her.
b. Fishing: The fish decides to take the worm and its caught you start reeling it in.
a. Dating: You have a conversation with the girl trying to not let her get away.
b. Fishing: You reel in the fish trying to not let it get away.
a. Dating: she say not interested and walks away
b. Fishing the fish gets away
a. Dating: you buy her a drink then she say not interested
b. Fishing; The fish gets your worm or bait and gets away.
a. Dating: she gives you her number, you call and its the wrong number.
b. Fishing you reel it in only to be an old tire or a boot.
a. Dating: conversation not going to well so you change tactics, dancing or something
b. Fishing; line about to snap so you give it some slack.
a. Dating; She gives you her number you call its her She likes you, or you go home with her that night and have amazing sex.
b. Fishing; You reel it in and its an amazing catch a prize of a fish.

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