my sexual history  

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8/30/2006 2:47 pm
my sexual history

ok so i was a late bloomer, i was 21 before i had sex. ewwww.

i actually tricked the first girl i was with into sleeping withme, (more or less i didn't tell her i was a virgin) she was a bit chunky, but definately within my range. we had sex for about an hour, and all she did was lay there and watch tv. i was starting to get pissed, this being my first time and all, i was not performing to MY standards. so she gets all weird and says STOP PLEASE, not because she wasn't liking it, but because i was too big and i was stretching her out. she actually complained that i was too big and lasted too long, what world was i in.

the next girl i met at work , she was a nice girl and i thought maybe we could date. well i get back to her place and one thing led to another . don't get me wrong the sex was great. but she was a bit large, i was pushing my preference on it. anyway, the next itme i saw her at work i didn't know what to say , so i said nothing. i think she still hates me to this day.

the 3rd, was the love of my life, or so i thought, it was a long distance relationship, so we didn't actually see eachother much so when we did, we boned like bunnies. this was easily the most active partner i have had. we had every position and angle to perfection, too bad she was crazy, i ended up getting dumped for some stupid reason. not to mention all she did was think i was cheating on her. which i didn't....

btw more to come... i gtg work

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