cam2cam turned real..  

cesuryenidunya 34M
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4/2/2006 1:12 pm
cam2cam turned real..

well, i was spending sometime on a chat server and talked around loads of lame stuff getting bored each minute, someone pm'ed me and i didnt care what it wrote and else.. anyways, i thought that it was another poser kid, who pretended to be a girl and all but apperrantly the girl who sent the pm was actually real. we got to know each other on casual chat for about an hour from cam.. that day i was so tired i could have turned off the comp and go to sleep right away, but the girl kept on going getting more interesting as the minutes passed by. as a result the subject came to the SEX of course and we began to talk, flirt and flash thru the cam.. but we got soo horny that we began to phonesex even tough the girl's parents were at home. but that didnt even satisfy us so she told me to come over, well it was a 20 min drive and it was worth it, she jumped into the car and we fucked and fucked on the back seat...
it felt great..
try to imagine when we had the proper time afterwards
well, im looking for tomorrow morning, it is going to be great..

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