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11/9/2005 10:47 pm

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First Post

It’s true! I want to post, but I suspect my post will appear as the actual link to my post. And this after having my own password e-mailed to me 17 times. But just so you know, I happen to be a swell cook. And when the internet has a ’smell’ function, you’ll be able to tell that I... oh God. That’s a horrible thought. ’Smell’ function? From every computer? I think I just destroyed society as a concept. Anythough, I’m counting on some administrative muckity to turn whatever this comes out as into a real post. From me to you, sweet thang. (That only applies to those of you that are sweet and thangy.) (But the others can read it too.)

So what’s up? Not sleep, sleep’s not up...
Well, first of all, what a blast I’ve had with starting my very own blog. 267 million hits by tomorrow I'm sure – in Des Moines alone! Ten new posts lined up, March declared "National This Blog Is Awesomeness Month", and then I can be made President for Life of Canada AND Ireland(mine will be a bloody and righteous rule), and all the world will be waiting anxiously for the next addition of my pearls of wisdom. (they should bring a book.)

So, okay, maybe SOME of my expectations were a hair unrealistic, but I’m so proud to actually be posting for once. I will admit there were a few fake quotes I considered using to make it seem better than it really is, among them:

"A brilliant blog with heart, humor, and outstanding use of commas." – Ron Notmadeupperson

"I’ve never seen a better blog. In fact, I’ve never seen any blog." – President Abraham Lincoln

"I want to take this last post and cover it in oil and rub it all over my body" – Name Withheld (but it was Tim)

"This blog has... words..." – My 10th grade english teacher

"And this isn’t my nose, it’s a false one!" - A Witch

And now on to the rumors and allegations section. Many of you want to know what the future holds. Anxiety, hurricanes, and Male Pattern Baldness. But maybe also some art(read 'art' as 'smut') stuff, which is really what you folks are into. I'll save it for a day when I'm not trying to quit smoking and teetering on the verge of sanity.

So I finally went and saw Serenity tonight and it was GRREEEAAT. I just recently saw some of the Firefly TV show and while I'm not a sci-fi guy, I am a good-writing, great characters and excellent storyline guy and it fit the bill nicely. Great film folks. Definitely worth the two hours in the ass-fall-asleep-torture-device chairs at the theatre here.

There was a show. Not that many people saw it in broad terms, but it was beloved. Full of humor, love and pain. And though it was a hard-sell emsemble piece with no huge names it in, it got made into a (roughly) 40 million dollar flick – and with the cast intact. That doesn’t happen a lot, but it should, and it did with this film. That’s right. I just cannot wait to see RENT.

Stay crunchy, even in milk...

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