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4/27/2005 12:04 am

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well I talked to her again today. Seems the Doctor is releasing her tomarrow. Basically from what she told me its because they say there is nothing else they can do for her. She has gone home to die with her family. That seems to be the atitude that she gave me. When really the docs dont know much more then they did before. They have done several tests from a MRI MRA and CAT Scan. They have sent her home for a week to see if her brain soaks up the blood or if it still seeps, if it is still seeping then one week from when she left she will go to a neaurosurgeon and schedule time to have it drained.

All of this is very scary. I stayed with her and her family while I was undergoing cancer treatment and surgery. She is like a older sister to me.

More info on the question from the Magazine. I did some research on vaginal dilators they are like a hard plastic tube thing. So I found a very squishy dildo to use. 15 minutes a night, lots of lube. LOL not for masterbation just trying to make things a little more normal for me and any future sex life..

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