Sexuality and marriage  

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1/12/2006 4:11 am

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Sexuality and marriage

Waxing philosophical this morning; again, looking back. I remember my husband being upset, sometimes angry or hurt at my lack of interest in sex. We had three kids. Two of them were a year apart and the third was separated by 5 and 6 years from his siblings. In addition, our baby was very high maintenance and required very special care.

By night - I was exhausted. The last thing on my mind was sex or making love. I think it almost broke us up a couple of times but the love was strong enough to survive it.

I'm thinking about what could have made a difference back then. Stop gap measures like this whole "making a date" crap are limited in their success. I should have used some common sense. Instead of running around cleaning up the mess the kids created while they napped; I should have napped myself. Instead of staying up, folding laundry - I should have gone to bed.

Instead of ensuring my kids ate well; I should have eaten with them. Not taken that time to do dishes and tidy up the kitchen.

I don't know how the new mothers are managing to keep their sex lives healthy now. In addition to all that is required by a mother, she usually has to hold a full time job as well. No wonder the divorce rate is skyrocketing.

A good marriage has a healthy sex life and in all honesty? Since our kids have grown (we had 'em young)? Our marriage has never been better and our sex life is through the roof. I really can't get enough of the guy. Yesterday? I masturbated 4 times to climax thinking of my husband. We had sex when we went to bed, rauchy - down and dirty sex. We didn't make love per se although the love is always there - it was definitely sex

My real regret is that I didn't realize that a healthy sex life was so important, in those early years. I hope any younger members, reading this blog take what I had to say to heart.

If you're a guy? Watch your wife - take care of her, make sure she gets that rest. For chrissake, pamper her and the rewards will be well worth your while.

homme_514 37M

1/12/2006 6:08 am

Thanks for sharing your experience here. It is food for thought.
I enjoy reading your blog.

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