Nipple Clamps  

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1/15/2006 5:48 pm

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Nipple Clamps

Someone send me a message asking where we purchased the nipple clamps; he thought it would be a TERRIFIC SURPRISE for his girlfriend.

Ok, guys? TERRIFIC SURPRISE is a relative term....The surprise can be TERRIFIC and if your girlfriend is not used to any sort of nipple binding/clamping? The TERRIFIC surprise will not be the good kind and may not grant you the reaction you were expecting.

These particular nipple clamps are extremely painful and require a good bit of time, in the "getting used to it" department. You can't just clamp these little suckers onto your lady's nipples out of the blue or blue will be the colour of your balls by the time she has finished ripping you a new one or ripping your old one off...

Slow and steady is the way to go with these little toys. 10 seconds is plenty of time to start....

According to a few experts - 15 minutes should be the maximum amount of time these clamps are left attached. They don't just clamp - they actually crush as well. So, 15 minutes is your safety net.

But if you're starting out? 15 seconds with these little gems will feel like 15 hours.

It isn't a bad idea to try them yourself first, just so you understand the power and the pain associated with clamping.

I'm not suggesting this out of some sort of feminist sadism tendency; its important that you understand the physical simuli that you may want to introduce to your sexual repetoire.

Obviously, I like them but believe me when I tell you, I didn't in the beginning. I hated the little suckers. I never breast fed my kids so my nipples have never been "toughened" so to speak. The clamps were a whole new experience in pain. I took it upon myself to get used to them. There was much gritting of teeth, hissing of breath and bizarre little dances around the bedroom as I tried to urge my poor nipples into being a little tougher.

Don't try anything new unless you try it out on yourself first. You have to know what type of power you are wielding. You have to know what kind of reaction to expect and above all? Damn, make sure that your lover is in tune with your needs. Communicate - talk...don't just spring something like nipple clamps or even handcuffs on them.

cdnheat 55M/58F

1/16/2006 7:01 pm

    Quoting flacouple34222:
    Great post!! I like nipple clamps but I could not take the ones like you are describing. Nore will I ever be able to.

    May want to also explain to the men that not all women like LARGE dildos jammed in them. LOL
Done; posted about dildos, vibrators and using a little care...thanks for the suggestion. Anymore?

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