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1/17/2006 3:38 am

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WARNING: I was very cranky this morning; domestic appliance disaster, stopped to read my e-mail while mopping up the results of a split washing machine hose and what do I see?

An e-mail from someone wanting to ram something "hard" up my ass.

For starters; my profile is pretty plain - I'm looking for a woman partner to fulfill a bi-sexual curiousity/need - where this guy managed to pull the "ramming" thing from, is beyond me. So the post below, is pretty crabby in tone.

So, I have to ask; what would someone who e-mails this be thinking? He'd open his door and the babes would be lined up around the corner?

Then you go on to read a bit and it only gets worse. He laments the lack of willing babes, the lack of real life "players." Goes on about what's wrong with the world and more on the lack of sex in his life, even though he is just so damn good in the sack or wherever. Where are the babes?

Well, let's see bub; it's fairly common knowledge that the most powerful sexual organ on a woman is her brain. You come on like the worst type of sleaze bag and then wonder why women aren't falling at your feet? Duh. This is, indeed, a site for adults to meet but the key word, of course, is adult. You sound like a frustrated 15 year old.

No finesse, no grace, no class. You also come across as having the IQ of your average brick. No, you don't need the whole roses, dinner and a flick thing. No, you don't need to shower her in jewels, gold and silver. What you do need is a clue.

Most women are more than a little aware that men who claim all this prowess and staying power are usually full of what you scoop up after your pooch. If you have it? You don't need to advertise and in the most vulgar of terms.

As much as I love sex, as much as I love rough sex, anal sex, oral sex...no way would a post that shouts "I WANT TO RAM SOMETHING HARD UP YOUR ASS!"
get anything more than a click on the old "del" button. I'm relatively sure that I'm not alone among my sisters in this.

There's a big difference between being erotic and being downright vulgar. When I see posts with the whole ramming thing or jackhammering or other tool related phrases, I tend to judge the individual. Unfair as this may seem...I figure the guy is spending far too much time in the XXX video store, is unable to separate reality from what he sees on the screen and probably lives in his parents' basement.

Hard core dirty talk comes later, not before. If you want to ram something hard up an ass? Ram it up your own, pal.

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