Gotta LUV afternoon delight!!  

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1/21/2006 12:53 pm

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Gotta LUV afternoon delight!!

Y'all have to buy stock in my new company; I have a cure for the flu/cold virus!!! Ok, so its not a cure but you sure don't care if you're sick anymore. You should notice by the photo? This is probably a pretty good reason as to why I get sick...a coat would have been a plan. The reason for the bizarre posing was, the dress was designed and sewn by a dear friend. We were getting a shot of it, in the outdoors.

Yup - you guessed it (was it the blog title?)! Afternoon delight - worked for me. I feel like a million dollars. Must boost the immune system or something; someone should do a study. I will volunteer for the actual field research.

Ok, joking aside; on an e-group somewhere else, we've been discussing the bi-curious spouse and a threesome. Seems it causes a lot of issues that really should have been examined ahead of time. Granted, we're talking about much younger people, in their early twenties etc. but even so - it would seem to me that you would want to examine the whole jealousy/self-esteem issue first. I would say that if there is even a hint of jealousy in a personality that a threesome is a BAAAAAD plan. There can't be any doubt in the relationship - not one little whisper of it.

Then there's the other side to consider; the addition to the couple - the woman or man invited into the most intimate area of the couple's life. Are you sure this person is completely comfortable in their own identity? Are they looking for a safe haven or perhaps a long term relationship? I mean, these are all things that have to be laid out on the table before hand.

At the outset - it sounds like more fun than a barrel of monkeys, right? WRONG. Life is never that simple - fun is never that easy. Fun is actually hard work. And THIS kind of fun? Strictly for adults, in complete control of their psyches. Otherwise? Disaster. Pain and hurt. That's not the aim of all this, is it? It is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for all.

What more wonderful thing for a husband to experience than watching the woman he loves, make love to another woman? It is a real gift. On the other hand, wifey had better have a hold of herself. Hubby may, well, indeed like to be a participant in the which case, its a little too late for pschological examinations of the situation.

Honestly? I am looking so forward to sharing this experience with my husband. I'm not concerned that the woman with whom I am building this relationship will be better looking naked - I don't worry that she's better at oral sex, I don't worry that she may be better at one activity or another. That's not the point - it plays no part in this. This is a sharing of the bodies, of sexuality. Its a gift, dammit! If my husband appreciates the gift? What more could I ask for?

Damn, why do people complicate their lives with all this self-esteem crap? If hubby is going to stray - then he will stray and a threesome isn't going to facilitate the process.

I think this will be an incredible experience, for all of us.

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