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1/12/2006 10:45 am

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Digital cameras

You have to love these things! The freedom they offer when it comes to Erotica or just some good old hard porn.

I've been having a real time with our digital and a bonus are is the great orgasm action that comes along (no pun intended) with organizing shots for my husband's viewing.

My mind is always on the next shot or the next mini-video. I've used my dildo (we call it the "stunt double") usually during the day when my husband's unavailable but the digital puts a whole new spin on things. He may not be there at the time but he will have a bird's eye view of the action when he gets home.

We've even created a couple of folders; one for stills and one for the mini-videos.

My only problem is the positioning for anal penetration shots; you have to be a contortionist to get a good shot but where there's a will? There's a way. I have a bench and when the camera is set up, the surface is firm enough to give a good view and our camera has a timer. It allows me to get into position and start the fun.

So much fun, I forgot to turn the camera on this morning

{Note to readers: If you purchase one of those great swirled glass dildos? Don't attempt anal with the lube provided. The lube is terrible and so is the pain...the ribs created on the glass are pretty awesome and if you don't have a really, really good lube, you're in for trouble. Yes, I found out the "hard" way this morning. Figured I would try the lube that came with the dildo...stick with what you know...}

The camera, though, may have created a monster. I find that I'm intensely aroused (horny) constantly. All those fantasies that I've created over the years? They are spilling out into the real world. I've cum three times today...more than that yesterday.

For years I wondered about bisexuality but I was usually too tired to give it much consideration. Well, the topic came up about a year ago, between my husband and myself. I asked him how he would feel if another woman joined us. He's agreeable.

Now the trick is to find the right woman. We're very discreet - blog not withstanding - no one knows about our sexual activities, our proclivities. And I do believe that I am bisexual. I would love to taste another woman, investigate her body. Where to look? How to look? All things I will have to investigate further.

In the meantime, I'll be filling my hours with the camera, my dildoes, vibrators and anal beads. So many toys, so little time.

I'm looking at a camcorder as our next purchase. I would love a video of me giving my husband head, followed by some good rough sex.

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