Part Two O What aNight  

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12/29/2005 2:46 am

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Part Two O What aNight

As the last few spurts of his juices were oozing he withdrew from my mouth and ended his ejaculation with a blob of jizz coating part of my upper lip to my chin. He took a finger and wiped it up then put his finger between my lips for me to lick off. He then got up and helped me up from the floor as he stood behind me. He began to kiss my neck again sending little waves of pleasure through me while he helped me out of my blazer. Next I was turned around facing him then moved backwards to the bed and layed down my legs hung over.

I shivered and moaned as he came to to me and kissed me while he unbuttoned my blouse partway and squeezed at my bra. He began to kiss his way down my neck then to my bra pushing it up over my little boobs the bra's underwire made them puff up a bit more. I moaned once again as he mouthed my boobs and teased my nipples. My queenpussy began to twitch and tingle inside as he worked over my nipples.

A few moments later he was pushing up my skirt and ran his hands up and around my thighs. More moaning and sighs came from me as he began to slide my panties down then off of me. I shuddered as he opened my legs more than brought them up around his arms and rolled them back more level.

This position exposed my opening to him as he looked at me and said ready baby cause I am. He then spit down on my hole and drew his cock to it. As his head made it's way into my queenpussy I relaxed and gave myself to it. Emotions ran through as his cock filled me and he began to fuck me. He'd give me a little than alot bringing my senses to a rapid peak and then over the top with a deep thrust that pushed me up the bed alittle as I cried out and spasmed and squeezed around his shaft. While I was coming down from the orgasm he let me have it.

His cock jackhammered my hole in such a way my body bounced back up his cock as he drove down into me his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams and cries. My opening was now loose and swelling from the pounding he was giving me. I was totally fucked out of my mind at this point when he pulled out then looked down at my swollen open hole then spit into it I felt it hit inside me as his cock slammed in behind it making me scream out again.

I was a bit sore and swelled up more but the female in me did'nt want this to stop. He slowed his pace a bit which allowed me to regroup my senses and build up to another of my orgasms. As I was reaching the top I uttered out the words "please cum in me please" between gasps and short screams. As I grew closer to going over my edge he drove into me a bit faster his body slapping against mine as I cried out "oh god yesss" "oh yes" and hit my peak. And with no warning as he still pumped his dick in my hole his hot cream exploded into my queenpussy. He kept pumping me and cumming as I thrust my hole up to him and wrapped my legs around him keeping him deep and feeling his cock pulse and jerk out his sperm.

I've had some hot lays before but that man for now is number one. I'm still recovering but would surely do it with him again!!

Hey "T" if you read this hun I mean it any time!!

Jenna Lynn

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