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12/28/2005 5:28 pm

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Last night 12-27-05 I got together with someone from this site. We met at a local motel.

I was wearing this pretty little business woman outfit black with pinstrip. A blazer with a cream colored (how fitting) blouse a black lace waterbra and matching panties with lacy black nylons under my knee length skirt on 3" heels.

My hairpiece style was a shoulder length soft curly auburn color.

He was already at the room as I arrived. I knocked at the door with my trade mark Virginia Slims Menthol 120 dangling from my glossy pink lips. As he answered the door I tooka drag off my cig blowing out the smoke as he invited me in the room. He complimented me on my looks I thanked him. I said he was very handsome and I was happy to have been invited over. (he was about 5" taller than I with a hot athletic build a shaved head, killer eye's and very kissable lips. He was dressed in casual wear jeans and a dress shirt. A hunk of a black man)

He offered me a drink of some white wine he had brought and I excepted. I sat in one of the chairs in the room and watched as he poured us each a glass of the wine thinking to myself a hunk like him has gotta be packin some good meat. As he brought the drinks my eye's where fixed to his crotch and my mouth started to water my queenpussy twitched. God he was hot!

A few more drinks later I made the first move by moving to the bed and sat on the edge patting one side saying come sit by me. We discussed a few things and as I looked into those killer eye's I leaned in and kissed him gently at first then I felt his arm come around me as he pulled me in closer to him. As we started to kiss with passion His hands moved about my body sending pleasure signals all over me. My hand found his crotch and began to slip up and down his jeans as his hands moved about my blouse squeezing at my bra. He started to kiss at my neck making more hot and turned on. I tried unbuttoning his jeans with my one hand fumbling. He stopped kissing my neck and looked at me. And I looked at him with a small grin across my lips and a slight flick of my tonge around them. He went to his jeans and started to undo them as I moved to a kneeling position between his legs and moved my head slightly to make my auburn curls bounce. As he began to unzip his jeans he said to me " yah baby I gotta nice dick for you". I knelt there watching him as he pulled his jeans down then his boxers. One of his hands held the shaft of his soft heavy cock while the other found the back of my head and guided me to his cockhead. Yah baby gonna suck some dick he said as his head brushed back and forth across my lips. I opened my lips so his cock could slip in and began to show him how much I love sucking cock expecially black cock! I sucked the head of his cock as my hand slowly massaged his shaft to moans of his approval. I loved feeling his cock swell in my mouth as I took more of him in. I thought as I sucked should I be selfish with myself and take his load in my mouth or should I let him fuck it into me. As I continued to blow his fat 8" dick he told me after he was done cumming down my throat he was gonna give my queenpussy one hell of a pounding. My mind raced as I quikened my pace on his shaft I wanted to feel his cock fuck the hell out of me for sure! He started to stiffen as his hand pushed the back of my head I slipped further down his cock gagging me as he pushed more and said yah bitch getcha some cum!

He erupted into a huge spasm as thick hot sperm flowed into my mouth I pleased him by eagerly swallowing his load of thick tastey black juice.

More to cum...... Part one

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12/30/2005 8:43 am

This site is all about fucking and fucking good. Go get it girl!!

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