Drinking Alone  

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4/18/2005 9:37 am

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Drinking Alone

Maybe I'm weird but I enjoy walking into a strange bar once in awhile on a weeknight and having a drink alone. I've had a lot more opportunities to do this since I've moved far from home. Hardly anyone knows me here and all the places I go to are new.

I got restless and tried a couple of cozy, neighborhood places last night. The bigger places have too much of an empty feeling on a slow night so I avoid those. The first bar I went to was actually a familiar place.

The sunday night bartender knows me so I had a drink and chatted with him for a bit. He says there's a guy who comes in there now from San Francisco that looks just like me. He'd called him by my name the other night and the guy looked at him kind of funny. This bartender's been known to have a few drinks on the job so I'll have to see this new guy for myself.

He says there's an old saying that everyone in the world has seven people that look like them. Has anyone heard this? I've honestly never met anyone other than family who I think looks like me.

I took the long way home, hoping to find one more new place to try. (This was after one drink.) There was a place I'd never noticed before that was actually not too far from my house. I drove past the open door and saw a statuesque female standing at the bar. It was a lonely night and that was all I needed to make my decision.

This one was small, but very nice and cozy; all dark wood and candlelit. There was a fireplace in one corner with a chessboard on the mantle and a few older folks were just sitting at the bar, listening to the jukebox. It was a long L-shaped bar and if you sat at the short end of the "L", you had a great view of everyone.

I talked a little bit with a man there who's going to be opening a live music club downtown. It's something this town desperately needs. The downtown could use it also.

But I think this little, neighborhood dive could become my bar. We'll see how I like it when the newness wears off.

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