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3/11/2005 11:10 am

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sneak quietly into her bedroom, dark enshrouding the walls and floor, the only light streaming in from a hole in the blanket covering the window. stare down at her, her outline becoming clearer as my eyes adjust to the light. long white legs, rounded to a tight ass and smooth back, her long red hair streaming down it. Her head buried beneath a pillow to keep out even that little bit of light.

I stare lovingly for a moment and then jump on the bed, pinning her arms to her sides and straddling her. She awakens, confused and disoriented, the trying frantically to move, to get away. I slip the cuffs on her arms, one then the other and place a hand on the pillow to keep it in place. She is really struggling now, fear and adrenaline making her unusually strong, but I am a big man, a strong man, and keep her pinned to the bed.

With the cuffs on its easier, and my hands are free to roam. I turn around and start slapping her beautiful ass, pinching her thighs and running my hands up and down them. She is screaming now, not sure what to do. I slide off of her and move to the side, holding her legs so she doesn't squirm free, and attach them to the bedposts, one side then the other, so she is spread wide, spread out in front of me like a sacrifice. Her screams have died away to little moans, and I think she knows it is me now, somehow, but she says nothing. Her pussy is wet and swollen, even in the dark its obvious. I slide a finger in and she shudders, a whimper escaping her lips.

I move back behind her and slide her up to her knees, hands still cuffed and head laying flat on the mattress. I pause for a second, relishing the moment and then slam into her, listening to her gasp, the air forced from her lungs by the thrust. I start moving inside her, slow, fast. Im big enough that a side to side motion is not necessary or even possible. I fill her completely. And when she comes its a scream, a mindless release of everything into the dark.

With her orgasm I speed up, sliding in and out, slamming until my hips hit her ass, pulling out to the tip, and slamming in again, faster and faster. I start to moan, start saying things, I love your pussy, God your tight, fuck this is good, things I know she likes to hear and when I'm ready to cum she is ready again. We come together, loud and hard, screaming our love. I slide off her and uncuff her hands, untie her legs and snuggle in behind her. She pushes her ass into me, making her place, and falls asleep.

Im not a great poet so I try prose. . .how's that?

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