network router sofware crash out monday  

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1/16/2006 7:20 am

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network router sofware crash out monday

hi Ive just had to renew all my network so Ive spent a few quid on upgrading my existing towers see i have a small room with 5 computers linked on the net so i can keep myself busy by looking at 5 different topics Monday my router shorted its self out so i got the solder iron out thinking it might just have been a bad earth got it up and running then the software that runs it failed so i have ordered a new one with more features phoned Microsoft up but because i have my xp on my laptop they wouldn't let me register so me being me i hacked the xp files and now its running got the validation tool worked out so i don't need to worry about updates so bill gates you product is not protected enough it took the whole of 3 Min's to get past you're security on service pack 2 maybe when you get rid of all the bugs i might renew all my license's

considering i have a multi license noteall machines must be of identical spec)

OK right so i have all amd's don't like p4 there limited

3000xp Barton(game machine)
2800xp Barton (disco machine)
2700xp Barton (my own office)
2600xp Barton (slave used as back up)
1400 duron 1024 MHz(master server)

so there it is a load of things to explain why i have been offline and busy

all up and functioning again so i have no excuse not to be on-line

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