cold rainy day  

cbakerisback 37M
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3/28/2006 5:49 am
cold rainy day

what a cold and rainy day not got much to do as I'm off work tonight swapped with me mum so i could have a rest spend some time with me parrot and dog been so busy Ive let everything that i normally do go by with out giving it a thought

i done a disco on the weekend and boy was it slow Ive done wakes that was more entertaining
it was supposed to be a 30 th birthday,
ended up more like a 80 th bash the People just sat talking and tapping there feet,
which is most annoying from my perspective as my duty is to make them dance i feel really bad if i don't get people up to dance,
i finally broke the ice when i decided to make a joke out of the birthday boy so i called him up on stage and made him do a little strip to these three old Lady's,
i made these three old lady's sit on three chairs on the dance floor you had to be there to see how funny this was he was really working it on the stage until one of his aunts threw up onto the dance floor her false teeth after that they then carried on to dance till the end

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