Time for a quickie <pun intended>  

cattscann 45M
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10/12/2005 5:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Time for a quickie <pun intended>

At the moment there is no change in the experiment. Still running test's, taking notes, working on my Nobel Prize winning Thesis.

As for me. A slight change. I asked a beautiful young lady to dinner friday. And low and behold she excepted <shock and awe>. Then I found out she was 20 yrs. old. Now keep in mind I am 33. Just a little bit of an age differance here. What to do?? what to do??? I couldn't decide. So I let the dinner go as planned <thank god for indecision>. Turns out I was more worried about the age differance than her <she wasn't at all>. Now 5 days later. I think I am addicted to her presence. She has come over everyday and spent time with me. We have been to dinner a couple more time since <not to mention the 3 of 5 nights that she didn't go home till the next morning>. To make a long story short. I'm not single anymore <let's see if I can make this one last>. Now now.. No tears ladie's. Don't be sad. I still love you all. And don't worry. I won't dissappear. I have too many friend's here for that. Who know's, she might join me on here someday. We will see how open she is to the idea of expressing herself online for shit's and giggles. I'm currently working on turning her into a nudist <god she's beautiful>. Well that's it for now. Time for work. <did I mention she works at the same plant I do?> So keep smiling and keep em up <nips or c***s which ever you have> Till next time.

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