and AGAIN i  

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8/10/2006 9:30 pm

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and AGAIN i

i sure can't predict which of my posts will get lots of views and lots of comments - i have no idea what subjects will be considered "sexy" (pun intended) when i'm writing - do you?
i've mentioned before that i write for myself, yet i'm always gratified when i receive comments, whether humorous, thoughtful, or whatever - it means that someone, somewhere, finds that particular post meaningful in some way, right? but the who, what, where, why and when of it escapes me, at least right now - have you figured it out yet?
the point of this post, if there is one, is to send a BIG hug and lots of thanks to those of you who watch me blog, read my posts either regularly or from time to time, and take the time to comment - i appreciate all of it, and i appreciate all the friends i've made here in blogville! a special {hug} to those of you i'd love to meet, to get to talk to you face to face, real time, real voices . . . alas, most of you are far away, and a real meeting is unlikely, but if it ever does happen, i'll buy dinner, you can buy breakfast the next day!
thanks to all of you, cat

btw, when you view my blog, can you see the names of the blogs i'm watching? just curious about that . . .

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8/10/2006 10:26 pm

catkit13 66F

8/11/2006 6:55 am

    Quoting rm_anabella:
    i havent a clue why some posts get more views than always suprised...

    my idea of sexy, is pretty subtle.....unless im joking...either way, i dont think anyone gets

    youre on my watch list...i enjoy your blog a lot....we cant see your watch list....or at least i cant.......smiles....ana
you're on my watch list, too, ana - your posts and thoughts and shares continue to amaze me! cat

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