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8/12/2005 4:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well I have been very very horny lately. I have also been so busy with moving and all.

I haven't met anyone yet from THIS site. Some of them sound like they're looking for some sexpert to make their lives more interesting, I'm not exactly that girl.

Other ppl sound like they are doing this for money, if you catch my drift.

Second to last time I had sex I thought it was just for fun, you know, we were both in a good mood on the weekend. I told the guy that I had a serious relationship starting, he said OK.
This guy was someone I met thru another site and was sort-of buddies with.

Sexually the guy was weird, acted really weird. Had this freaky smile on his face and didn't take his boxers off. His dick was huge. Too big to really suck. And it hurt like Hell it was so big. And this was a white guy, lol. Anyways I was trying to just have him go in partway but he kept slamming all the way in. That session didn't last long. I did like how he didn't have any precum, but I couldn't really suck him due to his size.
Afterwards I was skipping like a happy schoolgirl, proud of myself for getting my groove on.

Then everytime I was online the guy was obsessing over me. He demanded my total attention all of the time. He wanted to go with me wherever I went, would cry when I asked him to leave me alone. I told him several times that he needed to leave me alone, and that he would not be my boyfriend. I told him the sex was a mistake, and to do something else with his free time. Next thing I know he is harrassing everyone on my contact list, saying how he is feeling used. He then tells everyone all of these outrageous lies about me, trying to make them dislike me. I told the guy off, said what he did was unacceptable and he was no longer a friend, and I would not have anything to do with him after what he had done.

The guy keeps up, posting all over his blogs and on various sites all of these hateful false statements about me, trying to make people dislike me. I told him again that if he continued I would go so far as to call the cops or sue for libel. He then started telling people that I was stalking him! Even though I just told him via text, and voice when he called me, to leave me alone. He tried to make me look like a 'psycho stalker' he called me. He made me so mad I could've gone over to his momma's trailer and beaten the Hell out of him for that, but I didn't. I think he is finally over me. Whew.

The last time I had sex it was with this furry guy who I'd been having chatsex with for a while. He seemed really friendly. He said he was bisexual and had a totally gay boyfriend, but missed having sex with a woman. When I met him he started grabbing at my breasts, it hurt. He played nice after that. I was tired that day but still wanted to have sex. When he took his pants off his dick smelled so bad I almost vomited on him. He needed to wash that sweat off. This was really bad, not your average ballsweat. Once washed he'd be fine. Maybe he thought the smell was sexy or something. He is a nice dude, still is.

rm_hmtrain5658 45M

8/16/2005 2:12 pm

wow you have a hard time .. in a strange way.
i came on this site to meet people and if sex happins happins if not no worries...Some guys do need a lesson on how to treat a woman. most women do even know how to treat a man either but all in all this is the way i say it " your mind your body "

CummingInUHard 47M

9/25/2005 9:46 am

Wet Kitty,

You should step up your game and dump these losers. LMAO If a guy doesn't shower and clean-up before meeting a playmate.....Just Say No! That goes for the ladies as well! A quick shower and shave goes a long way to being attactive & Sexy

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