Why I'm 'Catcher'  

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11/3/2005 1:55 am

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Why I'm 'Catcher'

So now its Nov3 ... dog's asleep & cat is out of the sink ... Julius is a big ass Louisiana Parker Cur gifted to me when my daughter divorced ... Alice is a screwy cat with gunmetal gray shiny & long-haired shedding coat gifted to me by my daughter when her mother died unexpectedly ... the kid is in New York City now, teaching & living a great life .. for real .. She's doing well & just told me I'm gonna be a grandfather ... VERY DAMNED COOL ... I told her my women's intuition tells me she's going to have a lovely little girl ... come June we'll see ..

Daughter gave me my 'handle' several years ago ... Her all-time favorite book is 'Catcher in the Rye' ... hence Catcher ... course I gotta do certain stuff to keep the name ... be nice to those who are the hardest to like ... help the people who are the most difficult to help ... listen to the saddest of the sad stories and then find something encouraging to say ... Oh, yeah! I also frequently work with suicidal people who are less than a shallow promise away from 'checking out' of the family foto at Christmas ... for a very long time ...

In essence, I'm a pain sponge ... I'm not advertising services here, that would be un-ethical and unprofessional ... what I'm trying to explain is that I need some voice and space and practice at leaving all that somewhere else for a while ... Need to re-invigorate my sense of humor & see what other people think, dream and talk about ... maybe get laid every six months or so ... slide out from where I am usually embedded under the 'gummybear' crush of life, and get some fresh air ...... ??Gummybear crush of life?? ... How lame is that ....

As soon as I get my scanner working I'm going to add a gummybear EYEBALL to my graphics per Saintliana's suggestion ... Very timely for me with that great 9 point advise ... I liked #1 the best, though, truth be told ...

That's me man ... I'm late for sleepytime
peaceandlove ... catcher

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