working after work  

catastrophegirl 40F
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6/21/2006 12:44 am
working after work

so i was scheduled an early day today and that meant i got out of work at 8. 8:30 actually.
since it was just barely early enough and i had just enough energy i stopped by the angus barn and made friend with kiki, the maitre'd
then i stopped by jibarra and chatted with joel about how to increase his business. he had some nifty new postcards printed up and sent me off with a stack of those and some menus. then we were standing there talking and i realized i was staring at the art on the wall, trying to figure out why it looked so familiar. then i realized it was because i know the artist. so i mentioned that to joel and he asked if i could get in touch with the artist since someone was interested in buying a painting and he had misplaced the phone number.
but jibarra is a great looking restaurant. they invited me to a drink but i was driving and that would have been a bad idea. i will probably go back for dinner sometime. he seemed a little surprised when he asked how many people work at my hotel as concierges and i said i am the only one.
it is a little funny. some days i feel like i do the work of three or four people.

oh - and my hotel REALLY needs to catch up with technology.
one of the sales managers asked if i had any documents on local restaurants that she could scan in to email. so i suggested she either have me email her the documents or i could put them on her desktop right off my flash drive. she didn't know what a flash drive was so i emailed them to her.

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