work - wedging my toe in the door  

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7/24/2006 9:22 pm

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work - wedging my toe in the door

Beautiful words from the p.r. Head of 'drug x' project at the pharma company i am applying for: "when you interview, tell them you know me"

see, i was checking the head of the pr department for 'drug x' project into the hotel. she had forgotten she had told me her job a couple of months ago.
so while i was checking her in i said (all innocently) "oh, you work for 'pharma company.' i'm thinking of applying there."

and she said "really? for what"

me:"a customer service position with the 'drug x' team"

she: "oh, that's my team! I'm the had of PR on 'drug x.' i don't work closely with customer service but we do work together sometimes. you should definitely apply."

me: "yeah, i heard they were looking for people with empathy towards MS patients. and not only do i have MS, but I'm hoping to take 'drug x' at some point since i can't take interferons"

she: "well when you interview tell them that and tell them i suggested you apply"

me: "i'll do that. thanks"


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