work the whole night through  

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7/11/2006 11:38 pm

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work the whole night through

so i was about to leave work when one of the night crew decided that if i would stay he would go home because he was feeling ill. helloooooo... desperate for money....over here! that's me!
oddly, right after i agreed to stay so he could go home he started to feel less nauseated. no, i don't think he was dissembling. he's not a young man and he's been dieting lately. feeling dizzy and nauseated might very well go along with that.
so here i am working over night.... guess there's a reason for everything. and in my head it's like a little click.
my coworker answered the phone around 12:30 am... well after the kitchen closes. which we don't have access to. a guest was trying unsuccessfully to get a food item out of the vending machine. she paid for one and it got stuck. she paid for another to knock the first one down and it got stuck too. why did she try again? desperation. she's hypoglycemic and needed some food badly.
she called and asked to find out about food and my coworker explained that she could come down and get a refund and try another machine. the guest said she was waaay too ill and felt like she was going pass out and maybe vomit.
NOT a good sign for someone who needs some sugar.
um... i felt like i was missing something. *click* wait a sec! i have the damned keys to the lounge and the fridge in there has yogurt and all kinds of juices and breakfasty stuff. so M called her back and offered to have me bring her some food. she opted for yogurt and toast and OJ.
i hightailed it up to the lounge and got out the toaster (they keep the bread in the fridge so i HAD to toast it to keep it from being nasty.) i set her up with 2 pieces of toast, both strawberry and grape jelly, butter, peach yoplait yogurt, an orange, a spoon and knife.. all of which i plastic wrapped to a big plate. and i filled a paper coffee cup with oj and plastic wrapped the top then popped the lid on (coffee style lid... has a hole.... i would have spilled it)..... i know room service does a nicer job... but damn.. if i hadn't been here she'd have been SOL. freakish how that works. bob got to go home, i get extra money (although AGAIN i won't get paid until friday even though i am supposed to be paid cash same day for these emergency shifts) and the nice sick lady got some food!
i'm guessing the universe will be coming to an end in the morning

rm_smosmof2 67M
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7/13/2006 6:11 pm

It has been my observation many times over the years that the universe frequently knows what it's doing, even though us pawns haven't the foggiest idea what's going on....

case in point.....

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