work- the night shift  

catastrophegirl 40F
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7/30/2006 1:57 am
work- the night shift

there are crazy people i can't ever come close to describing

-- 4 women checked in together. 3 in one room, one in the other. after the 'other' walked away the 3 apologized to me for several minutes and told me she's always like this - which is why they won't stay in the same room together

-- guy came to check in with wife and small child in the car. drove waay out of his way to this hotel because his brother in law was doing him a favor by using preferred points to save him money on the room. too bad his brother in law booked him in atlanta. and of course the preferred member help line, the ONLY people who can move that kind of reservation, shut down for day change while i was on the phone with him.

got him a room but it's not possible for me to book it using points. so i gave him $15 off (from 90 to 75.. i can't make it lower than 75 without getting seriously job threateningly busted)

but to make up for it i photocopied the atlas and got turn by turn directions from here to his house since he has no idea where he is (was on 95, we are NOT convenient to his original route) and then highlighted his route all the way. and threw in some coloring pages and a pack of crayons for the munchkin. ok, i can't save him enough money to make a huge difference but i can save him getting lost in downtown durham..... and that could be worth his life

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