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5/14/2006 10:24 am

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work - incompetence

ahh, day shifts. it's only part of the morning shift. but it involves working with the Incompetent One! and he did it again yesterday.

when people are scheduled to check out the housekeeping department and the front desk both print a report of which rooms, listed with the name on the room

when housekeeping sees that a guest has used express check out (they left their room keys in the room) they clean it and the mark it on their sheet and in the computer as "vacant clean"

usually the front desk leaves it alone until they get the manually marked sheet from housekeeping. but at least a few times EACH DAY there comes a point where someone needs to check in and there aren't any clean rooms officially in the computer.

i had two guest who wanted rooms near each other. the only way to do that was to search for a discrepant room. that is, a room that the computer still said was occupied and the housekeeping department said was vacant and clean.

i found one near the available room. i blocked the rooms

i checked out the guest in that room and changed it to be officially "vacant clean" in all departments. hey, we trust housekeeping, they are the ones physically inspecting the rooms for signs of luggage and occupancy.

when the guests arrive shortly after i blocked the rooms, my coworker checked them in.

this particular room was scheduled to have a "sharewith" (roommate) and about half an hour later the guest in the room wanted to go ahead and check in their roommate also. since the person paying for the whole room was already here, that was fine.

my coworker went back in to check in the roommate. WTF?!?! the guest was checked out.

every change made to a room shows the name of the person who made it under their login to the system.

guess who? the boss. he got the discrepancy report from housekeeping and checked out the room without checking the name against the hardcopy. that could have really sucked later when someone from night shift, not knowing that room number was supposed to be occupied, checked someone in on top of them

it's an issue that takes about 2 seconds to avoid but usually costs a night's room revenue for EACH PARTY, so over $200 at weekend rates, nearly $500 on a weekday...

and then:

a little while later i was going to check in a guest who had three rooms which i had saved to be near each other. we are very close to sold out tonight and the rooms started filling up last night. which means that rooming tonight makes me wish i could defrag the rooming list, you know what i mean? i don't have big blocks of space to work with, i'm filling holes instead. a room here, a room there.....

so i was starting early, saving rooms for people traveling in groups who want to be near each other. i got three rooms on the 5th floor within two doors of each other. two of the them were even directly adjacent and the other was a few doors away.

so of course when they showed up and wanted to check in their rooms i discovered that the Incompentent One had taken one of the directly adjacent rooms. to get two rooms next to each other i had to split them between floors.

what a nutjob. stupid stupid man!

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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5/15/2006 8:58 pm

I mean nothing at all by this, just curious, but are front desk staff/management familiar with the concept of 24hr inventory depreciation in your business?

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