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6/15/2006 8:42 pm

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work - i've still got it

a guest came up and asked me for directions to the bull's stadium. as i was getting out the directions i said "and after the game why don't you go to the symposium cafe across the street. live free music tonight, it's latin and tango night"

i was a little surprised when they said "really? we are professional tango dancers. that sounds like fun"

i thought they were kidding, but apparently not. they were very excited.

and then a little while later someone asked me:

"what's that italian restaurant near the university that i ate at a few years ago?" [please keep in mind that there are over a dozen colleges in the area.]

it only took me two tries. i said "well, you mean duke right? tosca brava is closest."

he said "that doesn't sound familiar, but yes, near duke"

so of course i said "well then you must mean pop's trattoria"

i was right.

weirdest question of the day: "i need to find a place to grill some steaks" unfulfilled. he didn't want to go more than a couple of miles. and the closest park with grilling facilities is lake crabtree. but they flooded yesterday so the trails and facilities were closed today. bluejay park is the closest park on high ground but he didn't want to go that far.

the folders for the new filing system arrived today but without the file cart. and they ordered 125 folders. i now have to make 173 folders into 125 ... at least the cart is on back order so i have some time to figure this out

i like my job. it's not an easy one. but i am damned good at it. and soon i won't have to worry about certain people and their actions making my job harder. the manager i like to refer to as "the great incompetent one" put in his two weeks notice!

plus, today i came in and found more stuff tacked on a random bulletin board. we have about half a dozen bulletin boards for various things like phone lists and sales goals... people feel the need to tack stuff for me onto any random board. most of them don't realize i have a box under the front desk and i have trained half the front desk staff to put things that come in for me into that box. it's a paperbox with my name on it in sharpie.

my manager saw the stuff tacked to the bulletin board and decided to do something about it. so now i have a real inbox. i didn't have them put my name on it. i had them put lobby concierge on it. but at least i don't have to come in and check all the bulletin boards.

oh, and last night we broke the 20 year (hotel history) single night room revenue. $55,637.00. and i sold the second to last room, val sold the last one.

they offered me a candy bar. i thought of the last time i ate a candy bar and how much my baby tooth hurt. so i declined. for some reason, here in the south people think of food as a reward. i am not pavlov's dog. give me cash!

rm_Kev_n_Busty 54M/48F

6/16/2006 9:05 pm

Well it seems that you have a very happening life there catastrophegirl, seems that you keep busy by all means and its good to help out as much as possible and the rewards maybe small or big but hey its the thought that counts no matter what it may be. Its good to have a good competition with sales boost your morale and those around you so next time go for broke. And the last word for keep your smile going it does help alot.


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