work - how to ask me for help AND actually get me to  

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5/14/2006 9:37 pm

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work - how to ask me for help AND actually get me to

or rather, how NOT to ask me for help and then screw it up

one of my coworkers tonight asked me around 8 pm if i could help him with his computer, his desktop at home specifically. he knows he has at least 12 trojans and viruses. he did not write the names of them down. he is computer illiterate and does not know anything about software. he asked me to help him fix it without me ever seeing the computer and without spending any money. difficult, but i'm always up for a challenge. i don't spend money on debugging software either. i know some free ones and i know some free scanners which will tell me where the shit is and then i put on my "white hat" and kill the shit personally. it's very therapeutic

however, he screwed himself on the deal and pissed me off to boot.

if you ask someone to do a nearly impossible task and they tell you that they will have to burn you a cd of virus/malware scanners and teach you how to use them, don't walk the fuck away from the desk and leave them alone with 60 check ins for a few hours. um... when i'm the only person there i do in fact have to help every single person up there which means that i can't work on the thing you asked me to do.

AND if you aren't there, i can't show you how to do it.

i told him a few days ago that my cd burner at home isn't working so he knows i HAVE to burn the cd on the laptop at work. and i HAVE to show him how to use the things on the laptop at work. yet he wandered back up there a few minutes before 11 and asked me about it again. i explained to him that i wasn't able to do it since i was busy doing my actual job, you know, the one they pay me to be there for.

the only response i got to that was "whatever. bob called, he's going to be about 15 minutes late. i'm clocking out right at eleven so you're stuck covering for him."

somebody's favor just dropped to the very bottom of my priority list. especially since i got a couple bucks in tips tonight and wanted to make it to the grocery store before they closed at midnight. of course i didn't. now i'm pissed AND hungry.


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