work - how does this keep happening?  

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4/30/2006 10:51 pm

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work - how does this keep happening?

i swear, there's got to be a cosmic vibe i put out or something.

i started grocery shopping in the middle of the night because i was sick of complete strangers asking me where things were in the store.

i quit going to visit friends working at the mall because complete strangers asked me where the stores were located while i was doing things like eating lunch in the food court (wearing black jeans, doc martens' and a ripped t shirt no less)

people used to call me at dockside imports to ask me things like where to get insect mounting pins or how to make hammocks.

since i've been here you may have read some of my blogs about people who are not staying at the hotel calling for directions. tonight though, it's gotten weirder. i am totally cool with helping the lady looking for a honeymoon suite with a jacuzzi and airport transportation because i know for a fact there is only one ROOM in any hotel with airport transportation that meets her needs and it's already booked fo rthat. me being super helpful means she and her fiance are likely to book with us anyway.

but then new one on me... the lady who walked into the hotel, out of breath, raced up to my desk and asked me for a steak place that's open tonight. she's not staying at this hotel or as far as i can tell, any hotel.

she just was driving around with her husband looking for a steak place and she said "i got sick of just driving for the last half hour and when we drove by here i just had the urge to stop because it seemed like someone here could help me"

i'm kind of in a corner so you have to come in to the hotel and turn way to your left to see me. she came right to the desk. didn't even glance at the front. maybe she's stayed here before, but she didn't look familiar to me.

it's kinda freaky.

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