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7/1/2005 4:35 pm

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my work day could get worse, but i don't want to think about it. (it's a hotel)
within an hour of work i heard the words "some kid sh*t in the jacuzzi"
the jacuzzi is now closed until monday. it's currently being drained and then it has to be sterilized.
that kid took a $500 sh*t, we ought to have it analyzed for DNA and track his ass down.
and now you see why i won't swim in the apartment swimming pool?

my boss said the hotel would pay for pizzas for the desk and bellmen since we expected to get our asses kicked by check ins around dinner time.
so we ordered pizza. we have a variety of dietary needs and allergies, so it was a bit complicated.
they got the 2 pepperoni ok but the 1/2 anchovy and and 1/2 cheese was anchovy on all but one slice.
and the barbecue chicken pizza? i called, i asked "exactly what is on that?"
the nice lady said "just chicken and barbecue sauce."
well, when it showed up it turned out to be chicken, barbecue sauce and ONIONS! I am so allergic to onions. i can't touch them, be in the room with fresh cut ones, breathe near them..... and they forgot the sauce. granted, we asked for light on the sauce, but there is 0 sauce on that pizza.
my coworker can't eat pork because he keeps halal, only one person wants anchovies and another of my coworkers is sick, so that's why we wanted some plain cheese pizza... goes down easy. the restaurant is replacing one 1/2 cheese 1/2 chicken barbecue (no onions) for us.

it's a family reunion/high school reunion weekend.
hundreds of people from the classes of '60, '65, '57 and '54 (two high schools) plus a family reunion and an indian wedding. i have to specify indian because it is so much more a wild party than any other wedding, therefore all of these events are overlapping and intruding on each other.
i know, if my biggest problem is what's for dinner, that's barely a problem, but that's not actually my biggest problem, it's just the on i have the least control over. i can control the phones, the reservations, the housekeeping staff, but i have no power over what some guy down the street is screwing up with my dinner and i can't leave my office to fix it! i hate being confined to a box!

gorilladiver73 43M
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7/1/2005 8:14 pm

Hi Castastrophegirl
Sorry you had such a bad day. Reading about the spa, I just keep thinking about the scene in Caddyshack where the throws a Snikers bar in the pool, and everyone is scrambling to get out. And of course there is the classic part where Bill Murray is cleaning the pool. Are your work days always that crazy?

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