work - "i have a project for you"  

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6/4/2006 9:37 pm
work - "i have a project for you"

The Great Incompetent One (day shift manager) had a project for me today of course. at least this time he gave it to me only 8 days after he received it and the guest isn't arriving for a while now.

so my project is to get together

a) sales kit (these are premade, no problem)

b) info on local malls (i have this on a ready made two sided sheet and hand out hundreds per day)

c) 'reputable day spa' (i have a list of several)

d) sight seeing info (not a problem, i have the stuff coming out of my ears)

now the tricky bit: he wants it mailed tomorrow. i don't have an envelope large enough. the large envelopes are locked in the accounting office which will be open tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

i can get it all ready now and try to find someplace to store it where it won't get thrown away between now and then (locked in my desk maybe?) and run in and get an envelope tomorrow. then maybe if it's not busy i can get it all put together and get the administrative assistant to put it on the postage machine and have it ready to mail out by 3:45 p.m.

why he's so nuts about getting it mailed tomorrow i don't know.... guess when she's arriving?





late october or early november... she hasn't even decided if she's staying here or not. they still have to woo her with rates. so apparently they want me to send her this stuff so that she'll want to come here. that's right, i'm supposed to pimp the hotel.

they REALLY don't pay me enough to go trolling for business

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