work - "i have a project for you"  

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5/23/2006 11:05 pm
work - "i have a project for you"

this is what i get for being "stupid indispensible"

every time i turned around today someone said "i have a project for you"

i walked in and was just getting my bank out of the safe and the guest service manager had a card and bottle of wine to go up to a room. she's gotten in the habit of thanking our long term regulars on their last stay with gift cards for barnes & noble and cards signed by the front desk management and staff. they spend several thousand dollars with us over the course of a few months because of business... and the service and recognition we give over that time and during their last stay makes them customers for life.

then i was working on my latest project of making a book of "current events" with things going on at art galleries, parks, farmer's markets, etc. that's been going on off and on all week/weekend.

while setting up the card and wine i noticed that i was almost out of ribbon so i had to go to big lots on my lunch break for a couple of cheap rolls of ribbon. and of course there's a new korean bbq and an oriental market at the intersection of 54&55, plus i had a restaurant listed being on the wrong side of the road. so i had to correct and update a couple of sheets of info when i got back. and then the bellman told me the cheeburger cheeburger story (next blog) and that led to updating the info sheet for brier creek/brierdale.

and of course i have to make backups and new master copies and save it all to the concierge laptop and to my flash drive.

plus i'm getting stuff ready for the new location of the hotel opening in durham soon. their new front desk manager is training with us so he aksed for copies of all the relevant things. i get the feeling i will also be emailing him updates whenever i get new info.

and asuka japanese steakhouse went out of business this week so i'm updating all the lists that had that on it. plus getting ready for the anime con this weekend. busiest week of the year.

and one of the guests needed to find a good italian restaurant he had never been to before. since he's been staying with us every week for the last year, that was a tough one. and directions of course.

so when TT asked me to help a guy who locked his keys in his car i said something like "really, no. you can handle it. i have about 18 things going on. it's just a locksmith. you could do that in your sleep"

and she did. and the guest was very happy.

and of course in the middle of all of this i was checking guests in, giving out preprinted directions, making reservations and recommendations and answering the occcasional concierge phone call. one of these phone calls was transferred to the front desk for me because she was looking for herbal yet caffienated tea for her sore throat. travelsick, you know? so i got the keys for the concierge lounge and went and got her some ceylon vanilla tea, a glass mug, a spoon, some cinnamon sticks and honey packets, put it in a box and took it to her room. this time i didn't have time to go downstairs and gift wrap it like i do with the paper cups, which is why i got the glass mug. so it wouldn't seem as cheap. but hey, even if she had to get her own hot water using the in room coffee maker... room service charges $2 plus a $2 delivery charge for one pot of tea and i got her 2 darjeeling tea bags and 3 ceylon vanilla for free. so i hope she feels better. sadly, tonight i didn't have any lemon wedges.

i am so tired. long term tired to the bone

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