what a fun day  

catastrophegirl 40F
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11/10/2005 3:49 pm

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what a fun day

those of you who keep in touch with me know that i have been pet/house sitting for my sister this week.

that means i haven't been home since monday night

so when i walked into my apartment today to pick up a couple of things i noticed of course, right away, the incredible stench

i was wearing shoes so the dampness of the carpet as i approached the kitchen was not immediately noticeable

however the raw sewage backed up into my kitchen was

i left my sister's without my phone today

i could not call the office, but it was only 5:40 so i drove over there as they are scheduled to be open until 6 pm

after finding the door locked i pounded on it rather firmly

then i wrote a scathing note on a blank envelope which was the only paper i had. i think i may have also scared a little old man who was in that part of the parking lot as i threw my keys, cursed and stomped. yes, that's right, raw sewage in my kitchen and no response from the office does cause temper tantrums.

now i have just finished cleaning up the worst of the water and gotten my dishwasher to drain. what i count as really lucky is that i had just washed towels the other day and some of them had fallen off my table onto the floor near the kitchen, so a large part of soaking up the water in the carpet was done. i have now also opened windows and turned on the fan

there is water damage under my sink

and running my garbage disposal now causes water to back up into the other side of the kitchen sink.

as soon as the main part of the water subsides there will be drano going into it.

i can deal with the cleaning up of things myself, but i am going to follow up with the office being closed early with no notice.

GougePlankRungs 45M

11/11/2005 4:14 am

that sucks!! sounds like they closed up shop a bit early.

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