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9/19/2005 10:57 pm

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weird random (gross) thought

so here's a weird thing that passed through my mind....
i know that when surgeons are trying to help burn victims who have lost a lot of skin they can slowly stretch other skin on the body by placing implants under it. then this skin can be used to graft onto areas that have lost skin.

i was reading an article about a doctor who is getting ready to be able to perform a face transplant (with a face from a fresh cadaver/donor) on a volunteer (as yet undetermined) who has suffered a serious burn over most of their face. but they are worried that if it doesn't take that the patient will be worse off than before. and that there is a risk of there not being enough skin to replace the facial skin if the transplant fails.

so my thought is... when they are getting the patient ready for the transplant... why not go ahead and start stretching skin say on the abdomen (nice big flat area, a good plastic surgeon could easily conceal a scar there just like when they do certain types of breast implants) in case the transplant fails so that there would be enough skin on hand for an emergency? apparently there's a risk that the transplant could fail right away or even several years down the road.

ok, that's my late night random contemplation for the day

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