vocabulary part 3  

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vocabulary part 3

and let's go for the letter C toniht also since i have some time

candaulism: refers to a group of three people where only two of them engage in sex and the third watches.

capnolagnia: arousal from watching others smoke. often using cigars as tools of arousal

cataphilist: male submitting to female

catatasis: stretching of the penis

catheterophilia: arousal from use of catheters

choreophilia: sexual arousal by dancing.
chezolagnia: masturbating while defecating

chrematistophilia: arousal by being charged for sex or being robbed.

chronophilia: arousal from passage of time or older partner

cicatrization: ritual scarring, primarily symbolic traditional but often seen as an art form in modern societies

claustrophilia: sexual arousal by being confined in small compartments

clitoridectomy: surgical removal of the clitoris

clitorilingus: licking a clitoris

coitobalnism: sex in a bothtub

coitolimia: tremendous sexual drive

coitophobia: fear of sexual intercourse

coitus: sexual penetration WITH orgasm

coitus analis: anal sex

coitus a cheval: sex on a horse

coitus a mammilla: ejaculating between breasts

coitus a unda: sex in water

coitus interfermoris: penetration between the thighs.

coitus reservatus: birth control method where the male withdraws his penis from the female before ejaculation

colobosis: mutilation or castration of penis

coprography: literally means writing with feces but is usually used to describe people who vulgarisms on the walls of public restrooms

coprolalia: using words that are considered obscene, usually during sex, for arousal

coprophagy: eating feces for sexual arousal

coprophilia: sexual arousal by feces, usually by playing with or handling feces

coproscopist: arousal from watching a person defecate

cratolagnia: arousal from strength of partner

crurofact: leg fetish

cryptoscopophilia: desire to see behaviors of others in their own home (not necessarily sexual)

cunnilingus: the act of licking the female genital area

cupping: placing a suction device on the skin, to draw blood closer to the surface.

cyesolagnia: pregnant woman fetish

cyprieunia: sex with a prostitute

ok, i left a couple out because they wouldn't make it past the censors on here

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