vocabulary part 1  

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6/12/2005 1:55 am

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vocabulary part 1

let's begin at the beginning... sexual terms starting with the letter A:

anolinctus: the act of licking the anus. the tongue is run along the inner buttocks and the anus is licked or tickled with the tongue.

anolingus: rimming. similar to anolinctus but refers to actually inserting the tongue into a partner's anus.

anasteemaphilia: being attracted to someone because of their difference in height. most often noticed when taller women are attracted to shorter women

anisonogamist: a person attracted to a partner who is either much younger or much older than themself

apotemnophilia: becoming aroused by the idea of losing a limb or having a body part surgically removed

autoassassinophilia: arousal by engineering the possibility of one's own masochistic death by murder

axillism: use of the armpit for sex (more common in europe where it is less common for women to shave their armpit hair)

coming soon: part 2, the letter B

rm_eberly930 49M/51F

6/12/2005 6:55 am

What about AFFmyopia? It is the condition that afflicts males on AdultFriendFinder and causes them to believe that showing a picture of only their penis would cause a woman to invite them over.

wenchatheart 40F
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6/12/2005 11:08 am

eberly930 : LMAO.... LOL....hahahah so true - so very true....

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