upside down day  

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12/14/2005 4:02 pm

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upside down day

so i slept through my alarm for three hours and woke up just before 5pm. i know i needed it since i've been on 4 hours of sleep a night for a while and i work tonight at 10:45. but it feels weird to have slept through all of the daylight.

my cat obviously wanted me to get up because when i saw myself in the bathroom mirror i have a bleeding spot on my forehead again which means she was licking me to try to wake me up. either that or she likes the taste of human. i'm not sure and i'm not sure i want to know either.

but that tells you how soundly i sleep anyway

i just found out my best friend (and the first guy i had sex with) is going to be a few hours away from me on sunday, in charlotte, instead of vegas where he lives. he wanted to know how close raleigh is to charlotte and if i could come see him during his 3 hours in charlotte.

sadly, i have to work, go to the mandatory holiday party and then (gladly) visit with my friend kelli who will be in town from anderson SC with her 6 yr old and new baby.

any other day i could call in and drive my ass to charlotte to see one of the best friends i've ever had and one of the few people i will always love.

damn, now i'm hoping i get employee of the year with a big fat cash bonus so i can go to vegas and see him and his daughter.

the good thing is, i will never have to pay/pay full price for a hotel room in vegas. i two very good friends living there and one of them is the rooms manager at ceasar's palace.

(this is not that friend, the friend i will be missing in charlotte runs the university radio station)

but i've never been to vegas. seems it's time to go do that. since i can only do it in winter because of the heat, i really hope i can make it in february or march.

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