true story - juan and the phone  

catastrophegirl 40F
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4/30/2006 10:52 pm

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5/1/2006 11:09 am

true story - juan and the phone

i followed Crash downtown to meet the guy who stole her phone last night. she's not stupid. the cops met us too. we know he definitely stole it because she left it on the side of a pool table for a few minutes and one of the bartenders saw a guy pick it up. the bartender of course didn't know it wasn't the guy's phone until Crash started looking for it a couple of minutes later.

she called it several times but she didn't get a response until she sent a text message offering a reward this afternoon. so the guy wanted to meet her in a parking lot in downtown raleigh.

this morning her phone company said there had been 48 outgoing calls on it already.

so we went to meet the guy. the cops had said they'd drive by a few times, but when they saw who was waiting for her they apparently parked and got out of the car to watch. apparently they know him well. after she got the phone back (i think she told him his reward was that she wasn't going to press charges, i wasn't standing right next to her) the cops came over to talk to her. they suggested she dip the phone in alcohol. juan apparently has a record that includes prostitution among other unsavory things.

when the cops went around the corner juan came back and started yelling at Crash and trying to follow us. so the cops came back and threatened to arrest him for disorderly conduct. Crash and i went back to our cars by walking around the block and cutting through a parking lot in between cars so that juan wouldn't know where we parked or what cars we drove.

it's amazing how my violent and sneaky tendencies come back so easily. i was wearing my long black leather coat, not because it looks dangerous or anything but because it has big loose pockets. i had my small pair of vice grips in my right hand the whole time. it's a perfect fit and would hurt like a bitch to hit someone with. and a cigarette lit in my left hand. when in doubt... ash or embers in someone's eye will buy you a few seconds of running time. and when we came around the corner of the block to where our cars were... i went first and saw juan hanging out, walking slowly down the block. i dragged Crash back and as she was trying to peek out to see if he was gone.... i said "Crash... we are standing behind a truck with tinted windows... look through the truck."

i guess it's an automatic thing for me. years of avoiding my mom around the house and being prepared to defend myself has left me pretty prepared to be sneaky apparently.

looong night, you know?

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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5/1/2006 5:03 am

Heh... do you automatically start looking at things that cast reflections or shadows?

Were you a thief? A junkie? A spook?

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