the drunken holiday season  

catastrophegirl 40F
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12/18/2005 4:23 am

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the drunken holiday season

so me at the hotel for a 16 hour shift with a large car dealership chain holiday party.
since i have to leave for work at 1pm and it's 7:20 am and i just got home, this'll be short.

just a reminder during this holiday season what alcohol can do.

tonight we all found ourselves thinking (myself and my coworkers) "sure it's a $46,000.00+ banquet/bar bill, but is that really worth a girl lying bleeding and half choked in the hotel lobby waiting for the EMT's?"

i actually found myself having a conversation where i was DEFENDING someone with the words "well, at least HE only got drunk and beat up his girlfriend. it's her dad who's getting criminal property damage charges for tearing up the hotel room when he came to see his daughter being taken away in the ambulance."

mind your pints and quarts this holiday season guys, don't ruin it for yourselves or anyone else please.

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