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11/20/2005 8:20 pm

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super long blog

ok, if you read my previous blog you will know that my friend left here this afternoon for the west coast and was driving with his cat.

he just im'd me from outside of a small town in VA. his cell phone is not working and he can't find a payphone anywhere. but he noticed his laptop picking up a wireless signal (he's driving by gps maps, no he doesn't surf the web while driving)

so he im'd me and asked me to call the progressive insurance roadside assistance people. but the only number he could find was claims. so i called claims and told them that he was broken down because of a road hazard that blew his tire and did some damage to the underside of his car.

they sent me over to roadside assistance

who sent me back to claims because a road hazard apparently isn't covered.

they made me file a claim for him

and then they told me that a tow truck isn't covered for certain for that and he has to save his receipts and try to get reimbursed

after i finished frightening the poor lady (and you all know how much i hate people who shoot the messenger in customer service, so you know i was furious) i checked the website while i was talking to her.

and oh yeah, i did apologize for frightening her. no i wasn't violent and threatening or anything but i interrupted her a lot with "can you get him some help NOW and file the claim later?"

anyway, here's what the website says for progressive road side assistance:


" What's included?
Roadside Assistance coverage exists for your peace of mind. If you purchased this coverage with your policy, it's available 24/7 – just call 1-888-776-2778 at any time, and a Roadside rep can dispatch someone to help you with the following services:

Towing – Whenever your vehicle requires more than at-the-scene service, we'll tow your vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility or to any facility you choose within 15 miles of the nearest qualified repair facility. "


" What do I do?
If you break down on the side of the road, and you know you have Roadside Assistance coverage on your policy, call us for help. We'll send a service provider to you to get you up and running as soon as possible. Once the provider has taken care of your car, you just sign and drive – sign the provider's invoice and drive away. We pay the bill (unless, of course, the work you request isn't related to the break down). "


yes, i also sent a scathing email.... i mean really... after reading that, how can i believe it's their policy to make the driver pay for the tow? (which by the way is 3 miles, seriously less than the covered distance)

oh, the scathing email?


"Message: i would suggest that your phone representatives and your website get their facts in line with each other. i am calling for a friend who
isn't near a phone but has his laptop and is able to email me through a local wireless he linked into.
he is stuck in his car on the side of the road and he has comprehensive and roadside assistance. according to your website he should be able to
get towed to the nearest facility and it's covered but your phone reps are telling me that he has to pay for the tow and they will see if it is covered later.
this is seriously unacceptable.
the claim number in question is

if i don't get an acceptable answer about why this is happening, i may just cancel my own policy."


so he's stuck on the side of the road in VA in the freezing cold with a dead battery too from trying to keep himself and the cat warm

the tow truck dispatcher i spoke to (sounded like an old country woman) was great and using landmarks told me they knew exactly where he is (to the stuck friend who may be reading this later: sorry but your gps coordinates mean nothing to them but the snomobile place and the train tracks doe and you ARE on 81, not 77.... you got off 77 less than mile ago without knowing it, they run together and then split off again. when in VA do as the locals do... i wasn't going to argue about the highway number after you confirmed the name of the snomobile place and heard the train. and may murphy bless that train driver because the sound of his train may have saved your ass since your laptop died right after that. it told the tow dispatcher EXACTLY where you are)

and got to make nice with the locals.... she told me there's a hotel within walking distance of the shop they are towing him to and that he can get service in the morning

i knew i should have made him take the spare jack stands... i bet it was a bitch and a half changing the van tire.

of course i'd rather have made him stay here. this reminds me of my trip to california.. anyone who know me well enough to remember that?

driving from orlando to redding CA in 1997.... how many things happened to make me almost stop.. but i bulled my through and got myself in some trouble because of it

5 days before i was scheduled to leave i found a lump in my left breast. and i had to have a biopsy

4 days before i was scheduled to leave my grandfather passed away and my parents flew all of us to VA for his funeral.

i was delayed leaving and didn't leave until the afternoon of labor day.. worst traffic ever for heading north

radiator blew out south of jacksonville. got it patched enough to get to kingsland GA and a hotel.

at the days' inn in kingsland in the morning i heard a guy asking if someone had checked in and when told no he panicked because the person was the movie makeup artist and they couldn't start filming the B horror flick without her. for some reason i actually admitted that i had 11 years of stage makeup training and a bit of film makeup training. i was offered a job on the spot but turned it down because i thought i had a new life ahead of me.

i stopped with my sister who was in winston salem at the time. while getting my radiator fixed i was hanging out with her at work at "this end up" and after a few minutes there her boss found out i had been assistant manager at dockside imports and offered me a job on the spot. i had already learned NOT to ever be my older sister's boss (i was her trainer at checkers drive in as teenagers) and turned it down.

i made it most of the way across the country after that with only minor incidents but the situation in california was dangerously NOT what i expected and i moved back as soon as i had a friend who could send me the money to do so.... (thank you always from the bottom of my heart susie)

so now i'm wondering if this is going to be one of THOSE trips and terrible things will keep happening (by the way, the phone not working thing is most likely because of a mechanical malfunction in the sim card for his phone, entirely unlike my just being out of $$ for mine usually)

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11/20/2005 8:50 pm

Some friends and I had a trip like that.

My muffler fell off at about 12:30 at night about 3 hours from home. We had to pay a guy in a gas station to take it off so I could drive without it hanging. Unfortunately, that made the car impossible to drive over 60 mph since it was vibrating my foot off. The next morning I waited for like 5 hours in a shop waiting for the mechanic to replace it and ended up paying $500. No more than 20 minutes out of their, we hit an unexpected halt in traffic on the highway that nearly had me plowing into my friend who nearly hit the car in front of him trying to avoid the guy in front of him and so on up to the jackass that must've stopped suddenly.

Then we get to our destination and even though we're considerably late to check in, the place isn't ready after we've been up for almost 24 hours thanks to the muffler thing.

It was a long damned 24 hours. But the trip ended up being worth it thankfully.

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