sunburned in the pouring rain  

catastrophegirl 40F
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6/28/2006 10:24 am
sunburned in the pouring rain

after getting free VIP tickets to the warped tour from work, i wasn't sure i could go until the weather forecast said rain all day. well, if i can stay soaking wet and keep ice on my neck i'm good for an all day outdoor concert. i ended up taking my friend scott who is a huge music fanatic and really enjoyed it. i hope he didn't get too upset that i kind of had to spend a lot of time sitting down and icing up.

even with a fairly regular off and on drizzle i seem to have gotten some sun. while sitting in the hotel's corporate box at alltel watching NOFX (who were pretty good. they had been recommended to me by someone last month so i made sure to catch them. apparently i need to pay more attention to music since i hadn't heard of them before that.) it was pointed out to me that i had managed to burn my shoulders. actually i have since discovered that i burned my shoulders AND neck. but most of you just had the thought "ha! i bet she put aloe in her backpack when she was getting ready, without even thinking about it" - and you'd be right.

it's been nearly 2 years, the caribbean, since i got enough daylight time to burn. it reminds me of FL where you can burn in half an hour in a rainstorm.

i actually really enjoyed getting rained on for 8 hours, hanging with friends, chain smoking, meeting some bands in the VIP area and then as we were leaving, nearly getting run over by joan jett on a bicycle. ... hrm... not entirely unlike being a smoker at disneyquest when the house of blues has a big concert... some of you know what i mean... watching roadies unload busses and then having band members come over to bum a smoke or a light and help you watch roadies do the heavy lifting...

fun stuff!

and i even managed to not spend too much money. just a sandwich and one alcoholic beverage. in summer heat with my mild alcohol allergy... more than one drink and they'd have been calling the EMTs for me instead of the guys in the mosh pits.

(by the way, the one of those i saw went very smoothly. the band's singer spotted the guy from the stage, stopped the music, called the EMTs over, convinced the crowd to part and make a path, give them room to work and then keep the path open to get out with the injured guy.. took about three minutes. not bad for a bunch of soaking wet drunken punks.)

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