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i have this fascinating book i picked up somehow years ago. "encyclopedia of unusual sex practices"
the author is a member of the society for the scientific study of sex and consulted with many psychiatrists during the writing.
the part that draws my attention tonight is the following passage:
"rules concerning birth control either ensured an adequate supply of soldiers or servants for the country or prevented overpopulation, which was a strain on economies that didn't have a welfare program or stable agricultural base."


margaret sanger campaigned for birth control education after WWI but no attention was paid to her words and research until after WWII and the beginning of the baby boom.
(for those of you who don't know, dr. gregory pincus may have invented The Pill, but ms. sanger PAID FOR THE RESEARCH!!)

in 1953 the conflict in korea ended and dr. pincus was testing oral contraceptives in cuba and haiti. (the pill became available in 1960, after the FDA had their chance to check it out)

the last american troops left vietnam in 1973, roe v. wade was decided in 1973. how coincidental.

and now the government once again wants to interfere in private lives and wants to make sure the life of every unborn child is protected... and i don't care what they say about the war in iraq being over. people are still dying, soldiers are still fighting.... so we are still at war.

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